Faith Development

Faith Development Mission Statement

We, the Faith Development Catechists for the Star of the North Catholic Community, have a mission to help our students realize their personal relationship to God and community.  We will help them develop a more personal relationship with Jesus through prayer and life experience.  As Jesus commanded us, we shall walk by faith, providing an example of faith for our students to follow.  Through this example, we will help them deepen their faith and develop Catholic Christian values taught by Jesus, through Sacred Scripture, and the Catholic Church, through Catholic Doctrine and Faithful Tradition.


‘O Holy Spirit be our light and guide us as we help to build up the kingdom of God.’

Sacramental Preparation

Reconciliation, Confirmation, and First Eucharist are coordinated through the Pastoral Office.  Children and families will be prepared for these sacraments during the First, Second, and Third grade school years.  The Sacrament of Penance will be offered during Lent when the child is in the Second grade.  The Sacraments of Confirmation and First Eucharist will be offered in the Third Grade.  Sacramental Preparation is in addition to regular Faith Formation.  If your child needs to be enrolled in Sacramental Preparation, contact the Faith Development Office as soon as possible.  If your child is beyond Third grade and is in need of the Sacraments, contact the Faith Development Office to make arrangements for the sacraments.

Faith Formation

We have updated and remodeled our entire Faith Formation Program last year.  Our foundational resource will be the age appropriate New American Catechisms from the Catholic Book Publishing Company.  Our lower grades will be working more explicitly with this source, as their focus is on memorization of key beliefs, prayers, and teachings.  Our upper grades will be following the model of the rest of Faith Formation, the topics that will be stuffed in every bulletin.  In the program, each student will have a New American Catechism in class.  This will be used for their weekly lessons.  The new program will guide our children to understand the basics of the Catholic Faith and inspire them to seek out ways to practice their faith in their daily lives.

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry is still in its developing stages across the United States and many parts of the World.  The Bishops of the United States, in cooperation with Youth Ministers and Catechetical Leaders from across the country, developed a strategy and outline for ministry to adolescents (youth).  This strategy was published in a document entitled:  Renewing the Vision:  a Framework for Catholic Youth Ministry.  The Star of the North Catholic Communities Youth Ministry program is solidly in line with the teachings of Renewing the Vision.  Throughout the experience of modern Youth Ministry, several effective approaches, strategies, programs, and activities were developed and recommended.  Acknowledging that no one strategy, activity, or program is adequate to the task of successfully ministering to our Youth, the Star of the North Youth Ministry focuses on several areas of ministry.  Because we are in communion with the entire Diocese of Gaylord, many of our programs are interdependent with others across the Diocese.  For instance, all of our retreats are a collaborative effort with several other parishes.  Our service project is currently done with the Boyne Valley Catholic Community.  Just Works and CLI are diocesan programs available to our youth.  At these two programs, our youth have the opportunity to meet teens from across the entire Diocese of Gaylord.  NCYC is a national program sponsored by our Diocese for our youth.  Here, our youth have the chance to experience and share their faith with more then 23,000 teens from across the entire country.  Because the needs of today's youth are ever changing, so are our programs and, as such, our ministry to them.  Remember, everyone in the community is an important part of ministering to our youth.  It takes a village, or in our case an entire Catholic Community!


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