Middle School Youth Ministry

Middle School Youth Ministry is our Faith Formation program for Middle School students:  sixth through eighth grade.  As with all Faith Development in the Star of the North Catholic Community, catechesis of our Youth follows the same topic outline as our RCIA program.

M.S. Youth Ministry Meetings

Currently, our Middle School Youth Ministry meets every Tuesday during the school year.  We meet after school in the Youth Room at the Parish Center.  Our meetings start at 3:30PM and end at 5:30PM.

Upcoming Middle School Youth Ministry Events

Just Works 

When:  Just Works will be held Monday, July 27, through Friday, July 31.
Cost per Person:  $135.50 (Checks Payable to St. Joseph's Catholic Church)
Where:  Twin Lakes, Traverse City, click here for directions.
Registration Deadline for all forms and Money:  Friday, June 26, 2015
Contact:  Wayne A. Winter - (989)345-0064x306
Click the title above for forms.
Financial Aid: 
Scholarships are available to you.  If you need financial assistance to attend Just Works, complete our Scholarship Application found here

The Just Works experience, for youth, introduces young people to concepts:  peace and justice, Catholic Social Teaching, and the scriptural background for that teaching.  Sponsored by two Secretariats of the Diocese of Gaylord, Just  Works challenges young people to live out the Gospel call to peace and justice in their personal lives.  The program enables youth to understand Catholic Social Teaching and apply it to peace and justice issues and to act on this application.  The program will be held in beautiful Traverse City at the old home of CLI—Twin Lakes.  It will offer justice education through presentations, sharing, experiential simulations, prayer, and community living.  There will also be plenty of good food and recreational time—including a sports field and a beach.  


Apply Early to save a place at Just Works 2015